Ash Labib

Ash Labib

Surgeon & Cosmetic Specialist

Dr. Ash Labib (FRCS, DLO) is a revered and eminent cosmetic specialist, and the clinical Director and founder of AL Aesthetics and The renowned AL Academy With an esteemed career of over 24 years working as a pioneering NHS Ear Nose and Throat surgeon, he sub specialized in Rhinology and Rhinoplasty and worked as a consultant at a West Midlands based teaching hospital.

More recently he has become more recognized for championing the Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty procedure (the 15-minute nose job) and is regarded as one of the most distinguished authorities and masters of this procedure, teaching privately in Harley St and on a National and International platform.

As a member of the Allergan Medical Institute DR. Labib holds the prestigious position of UK country ambassador and global key opinion leader. His passion and drive for professional and ethical aesthetic practices mean he devotes part of his time to clinical audit and research, as a driver to promoting evidenced based practice and safety and excellence within the aesthetics industry.

His charismatic and acclaimed lectures are demanded worldwide, not only for his showmanship and unrivalled expertise, but primarily for his inventive, unique and thought-provoking approaches that have innovated this procedure in a safe, yet creative way and placed this genius quite deservedly on the center stage.

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