Jamila Atannaz

Jamila Atannaz

Plastic Surgeon

Head of Scientific Committee, ICGC and faculty of American Aesthetic Association.

She is the owner and medical director of ELJAMILA Plastic & Aesthetic Surgical Center. Casablanca, Morocco, one of the most advanced centers in plastic and reconstructive as well as regenerative medicine in the country, dedicated to the science of aesthetics and well-being.

One the few women plastic surgeons in the Moroccan private sector. In 2015 she described her own methodology for labiaplasty to reduce dehiscence complications and enhance aesthetic results.

Dr. Atannaz is qualified by the plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery medical order of the Moroccan Society of Plastic Surgeons.  She is A Fellow and a senior teaching faculty of the American Aesthetic Association.

She followed a complete course, first in university hospitals, then in renowned private hospitals in France and in the USA. She benefitted from advanced courses in cosmetic medicine in Lisbon, in face and neck surgery in Nice, and in functional septo rhinoplasty in Bordeaux.

Dr Atannaz has performed hundreds of aesthetic gynecological procedures. As well as have taught many classes in three continents on the new field of cosmetic gynecology

  • Morocco