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Partners and Sponsors
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AL NAJAH AL MOTEALK GENERAL TRADING Company was founded in 2012 based in Dubai, registered as Limited Labiality Company according to the Laws of United Arab Emirates.
AL Najah was established to cater the progressive demand of the Gulf Region market by offering an excellent import and export services to the public and the governmental sectors.
Al Najah has rapidly built strong relationships with both manufactures, suppliers and end customers within a transparent professional environment which benefits all parties.



Ego was founded when a young chemist, Gerald Oppenheim, and his wife, Rae, a nurse, saw a need for products to restore and maintain healthy skin. In the laundry of their suburban Melbourne home they developed Ego Pine Tar Bath Solution, later called Pinetarsol, which remains one of Australia’s most widely used inflammation treatments.
Ever since Ego has continued to research and develop products and treatments to care for and meet the skin needs of all people. Gerald Oppenheim passed away in 1995 leaving his legacy, Ego, to the family. His sons, Alan Oppenheim the Managing Director, and David Oppenheim both sit on the Board of Directors. As does Dr Jane Oppenheim, Alan’s wife, who is the Scientific and Operations Director.
Proudly Australian-owned, Ego Pharmaceuticals has led the way in the development, manufacture and marketing of innovative skincare products for 60 years. Our mission is to exist for people who want healthy skin. Ego is the specialist in skincare, backed by science. We make our products in Australia for the people of the world. We provide consistently high quality products, underpinned by heritage and integrity.
From its inception as a family business in 1953, Ego has grown to become a world leader, producing a comprehensive skin and health care range for sale in Australia and around the world. Our reputation is built on consistently delivering effective, high-quality and innovative products to meet a diverse range of needs, and we are committed to creating the best possible skin therapies for our customers.
We have hundreds of testimonials that tell us people trust Ego to help care for their skin every day.
The name ‘Ego’ is an acronym for Erwin and Gerald Oppenheim. Dr. Erwin Oppenheim, Gerald’s father was a dermatologist.


As a leading provider of high-quality medicines, our strategy is to make healthcare more accessible by delivering more from our strong foundation, building a portfolio that anticipates future health needs and inspiring and enabling our people.

Our brand promises

​​​​Better health. Within reach. Every day. By creating high-quality products and making them accessible​ to those who need ​them we are helping to shape a healthier world that enriched all of our communities.

Our history

Founded​ more than 40 years ​ago, our purpose has always been to provide high-quality, affordable medicines to the people who need them. Based on the solid foundation we have built; we will continue to innovate and find practical solutions to transform the lives of the millions of people we serve. ​​


A state-of-the-art manufacturing company established in Amman Jordan in the year 2005.

Jerash Pharma is specialized in manufacturing liquid and semisolid dosage forms, and hospital disinfectants. Jerash Pharmaceuticals is part of Khraim Group which is owned and run by Khraim family.

Our Mission
Striving For Better Healthy Life By Introducing Our Innovative, Distinctive And High-Quality Products.

Our Vision
Lead The Way To The Future Of Improving Life.

Our Products: We…..

  • Take pride in and are committed to excellence at every stage of product cycle.
  • Provide excellent products and quality services.
  • Aim to ensure our products represent value for money.
  • Passionately pursue opportunities to add value to patient and consumer lives.




NeoCell® – is a US-based trusted brand of collagen since 1998. NeoCell® has been developing and manufacturing all-natural, premium anti-aging formulas for over 24 years. Its products range are naturally based, not synthetic, and are designed to promote youthful health, beauty, and total body wellness.

Backed by science, NeoCell® products support in illuminating your beauty from the inside out, helping magnify your brilliance, improve your collagen, and awaken your inner beauty.




RegenLab® is a leading innovator of medical products for the preparation of platelet-rich plasma. Regen Lab provides expertly designed & patented Medical Devices for platelet-rich plasma preparations, CE certified, registered by most national agencies worldwide.  Regen Lab remains committed to providing products of the highest quality and safety, as well as protecting customers through enforcement of its intellectual property rights.


​​SAWA MEDTEC is a premier, young and dynamic medical company focused on supplying, selling and marketing for an innovative aesthetic medical products across the middle east countries.

SAWA MEDTEC, with more than 10 years of experience, provides a diversified range of high quality aesthetic medical products.

SAWA MEDTEC, is building the future together with its strategic partners with focus on commitment, growth, innovation and product quality.





Emirates Medical Association

Egyptian Society of Dermatopathology

Oman Dermatology Society

The Oman Dermatology Society (ODS) was established in Muscat in 2006, as a national body for dermatology. This was within the main tertiary care centre of Al Nahdha Hospital where the Department of Dermatology was first established in 1972.

ODS was initiated to address dermatological resources in healthcare services for diagnosis and management of common skin diseases in Oman. The society was conceptualized to gather all dermatologists and venereologists to share and discuss the clinical practice, education and research relevant in dermatologic medicine, surgery and related discipline.

Oman Dermatology Society is affiliated to Oman Medical Association and is under the patronage of Ministry of Social Development. The Society’s aim is to cater the academic needs of all the dermatologists in the Ministry of Health, Government and private sectors. Members are encouraged to conduct research and studies inclined in the field of specialization.

Société Algérienne de Dermatologie

Saudi Society of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery

The Dermatopathology Society of India (DSI)

The Dermatopathology Society of India was set up in 1997 with the aim of promoting education, research and patient care in the subject and to provide a meeting ground for people interested in this specialty. We currently have about 450 members, mainly from India but also from other countries including Sri Lanka, Nepal and United Kingdom. We have an active Facebook page, with a large community that participates actively in our twice monthly dermatoathology quizzes and other discussions.

DSI hold regular meetings and CME events on our own and in collaboration with pathology and dermatology associations. We publish the Indian Journal of Dermatopathology and Diagnostic Dermatology, in collaboration with the Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists and Leprologists, Karnataka branch. DSI seek to connect with other dermatopathologists in our neighborhood and also at the regional and global level.

The International Society of Dermatopathology (ISDP)

The International Society of Dermatopathology (ISDP) was founded in 1979 by Helmut Kerl, MD; Gérald E. Piérard, MD; Jorge Sánchez, MD; and the late A. Bernard Ackerman, MD, who also served as the ISDP’s first president. The International Society of Dermatopathology, Inc, was incorporated in 1994, and classified as not-for-profit.

The aims and objectives of the ISDP are to increase knowledge of the structure and function of the skin and of diseases of the skin by microscopy. The Society intends to promote friendship and scientific exchanges among its members of different countries; to sponsor international and regional meetings; and to sponsor educational events.