By Noura Abbasi

19 – 20 & 26 – 27 March 2022

Online – Zoom

Language: Arabic – العربية

This workshop is about what really works! This is all the information you’ll need to master success, you don’t need more info! You need a new plan of action, and you’ll get it here!

Workshop Overview:

Look back on your life 5 years ago. Are you now where you thought you’d be five years later?

Have you kicked the bad habits you had vowed to kick?

Are you in the shape you wanted to be?

Do you have a cushy income, the inviable lifestyle, and the personal freedom you expected?

Do you have the vibrant health, abundant loving relationship, and the world class skills you’d intended to have by this point in your life?

If not, why?

Simple – Choices.

It’s time to make a new choice – choose to not let the next 5 years be a continuum of the last. Choose to change your life, once and for all.

Let’s make the next 5 years of your life fantastically different than the last five.

Remove your blinders and join me in this workshop to know the truth about what it takes to earn success.

You’ve got no more excuses – the time is NOW!

Why you should attend:

If you are hungry to be successful, this is it! The fundamentals of all the success you ever wanted to achieve condensed in one workshop.

A real program with real tools that can change your life and make your dreams reality.

To be applied to your fitness, your family, your faith, your career, and your life!

Beat the competition, rise above your challenges, and create the life you deserve.

What you will learn:

  • Keep the brain in mind. How does my brain work? How can I hack it?
  • Back to basics, clear the clutter and bring back your focus to the core success fundamentals that matter
  • Success tools, master the system and use it to your advantage to revolutionize your life
  • Core values. Your compass to your purpose.
  • Learn how to set goals and what goals to set based on your unique core values.
  • How to eat an elephant? Little disciplines that pay off over time.
  • The power of awareness
  • The power of choice
  • Life assessment
  • Tracking behaviors
  • Achievement management
  • Are you sleep walking?
  • Breaking free out of the instant gratification trap
  • What do you want and how to get there?
  • Ignite your passion. What’s your driving question?
  • The core ingredients to keep you consistent with your new positive choices
  • A proven system for achieving BIG goals
  • Why they happen and how to overcome them
  • Decision making made easier
  • Hit the bull’s-eye. Defining your target.
  • Goal setting. Do it right!
  • A bumpy ride? Balance your life wheel
  • The 5 strategies for eliminating bad habits
  • The 6 techniques for installing good habits
  • How to become virtually unstoppable. The secret behind Apple, Google & YouTube success
  • How to be in control.
  • How to build your bookend morning & evening routines. Design a fail-safe world-class routine schedule for your life
  • Getting into the rhythm. Scheduling, keep track of your new behaviors
  • How to influence your brain positively. Become the gate keeper
  • How to have a better, deeper, and more meaningful relationship
  • Peak-performance
  • How to fuel your ambition and expand your dreams
  • What are you tolerating?
  • Multiplying results
  • Become extraordinary. speed your accomplishments.


The workshop covers min. 8h and max. 10h over a period of 4 days.

Workshop begins every scheduled day at 11:00 AM GST (UTC/GMT+4) and covers different areas of the same topic. It is important to be able to commit to the whole 4 days for best results.


In addition to the online workshop, a Facebook page will be created for the workshop participants which will offer an opportunity to exchange ideas, questions, and experiences. You can share your journey with your event family on this exclusive page. We encourage social interaction, networking, exchange, and joint thematic reflections.

Participants, instructor, and facilitators of this workshop are invited to join the online community events after registration.


Full Four-day workshop – incl. Q/A session & Draw ++

USD 272


Client30 – 30% discount – USD 190 (AED 699)

Guest20 – 20% discount – USD 217 (AED 799)


Two-day workshop

USD 205


Client230 – 20% discount – USD 165 (AED 608)

Guest220 – 10% discount – USD 185 (AED 680)


Register NOW and download the workshop worksheets.

Get them and your notebook ready, we will plan for success together!


Transformation Coach and Mind Architect

NLP practitioner, Coach, Hypnotist and Timeline therapist.

Certified by Robert Simic Coaching Institute accredited by ICF, CCE International Coach Federation and Federation of NLPC Professionals

Noura is a Peak Performance, transformational Coach. Using a combination of powerful healing modalities, alongside a deep understanding of human behavior and performance, she will teach you how to create the right emotional and physical environment for you to become the best version of yourself.

She is a qualified life coach, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner and timeline therapist living in Dubai with over 6 years of practical experience in the coaching field and another 6 years in the field of architectural engineering and management.


Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP), Practitioner and Trainer

Timeline paradigm therapy

Life coaching


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