Dr. Aleodor Andea
Professor of Pathology and Dermatology, University of Michigan Health System at Michigan Medicine
Dr. Mariam Baqi
Consultant Dermatologist and Double Fellow Certified
Dr. Mariam Baqi, based in Sanad, Kingdom of Bahrain, stands as a notable figure in the field of dermatology, having garnered considerable recognition both regionally and internationally
Dr. Rajendra S. Singh
Director of Dermatopathology and Digital Pathology, Summit Health, New Jersey
Dr. Rajendra S. Singh, M.D., is a renowned pathologist, digital pathology expert, and founder of PathPresenter. With over 50,000 users in 170+ countries, PathPresenter is a leading online digital platform used by academic departments, private pathology groups, and organizations worldwide.
Dr. Rossitza Lazova
Medical Director of Arizona Dermatopathology, Sonic Healthcare USA, in Scottsdale, Arizona
Dr. Rossitza Lazova is a nationally and internationally recognized dermatopathologist who worked and taught for 20 years in the Department of Dermatology at Yale University School of Medicine
Dr. Khadija Al Jefri
Head of Organizing Committee
Dr. Ayman Al Naem
Committee Member
Dr. Ashraf Reda
Committee Member
Dr. Reem El Bahtimi
Founder and Medical Director, Dermpath Consult
Dr. Reem El Bahtimi, is an American Board-Certified pathologist in Dermatopathology, Clinical and Anatomic pathology. She has over 20 years, experience in the field of Dermatopathology.
Dr. Jawaher Al Naqbi
Co-Chairman of DIAD-DIAL
Dr. Faiza Al Ali
Chairman of DIAD-DIAL