Dr. Corine Cicchetti

Dr. Corine Cicchetti is the Chief Medical Officer of RESILI√ČLLE. Dr. Cicchetti is the founder of Buffalo Regenerative Medicine and also one of the owners of Buffalo Spine and Sports Medicine. She joined Buffalo Spine and Sports Medicine in 2008, where she continues to practice. She has also taken a special interest in regenerative medicine techniques over the years as it relates to musculoskeletal conditions, as well as aesthetics. Buffalo Regenerative Medicine was born out of her desire to deliver cutting-edge regenerative options to the community with the highest quality products. Her quest in seeking an exosome manufacturing firm with the highest quality, safety and potency is how Dr. Cicchetti discovered Age-Zero Exosomes by RESILI√ČLLE. Dr. Cicchetti is a pioneer in Regenerative Aesthetics working as the Principal Investigator of the first ever 100 patient Age-Zero exosome multi-dose trial for topical use of Age-Zero Exosomes after microneedling.

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